Birthday Candles


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Sixteen sweet three inch birthday candles, perfect for a natural addition to your festive cakes.
  • Approx. burn time 15 min. per candle
  • Pure Canadian Beeswax
  • Hand Dipped
  • Cotton Braid Wick
  • Dimensions 3" all
  • Revelstoke, BC

    To extinguish, smartly press the wick into the wax pool, then straighten the wick and trim to a quarter of an inch.  This will not only ensure the absence of smoke but will re-coat the wick for the next lighting

    Handcrafted, from Hive to Home

    Traditional beeswax chandlery is the alchemy of turning flowers into light. Warm, luxurious illumination that celebrates your home. Our artisanal candles are hand-crafted in our studio in the Pacific Northwest, using only pure, wild Canadian beeswax, filtered through clay and charcoal to ensure quality.

    Beeswax is both sustainable and protects biodiversity; a natural, renewable resource, sourced from apiaries throughout British Columbia and Alberta. The colour of the wax changes season to season, depending on what flowers the bees gather pollen and nectar from - to feed the hive.  As the bees move from flower to flower they pollinate our planet.