Soap on a Rope


5 mini bars on a hemp rope. Hang in a closet or bathroom for a lovely scent. Cut off as needed. Natural Soap 100 % plant based soap scented with only certified pure essential oils. All soaps are super fatted with rich, skin enhancing oils and/or organically grown herbs and grains, adding colour, texture and emollient value.

Spicy Soap Rope: Rosemary/sage/thyme, Licorice, Peppermint, Orange spice and Lemongrass

Floral Soap Rope: Lemongrass, lavendin/rose geranium, orange/ylang ylang/clove, lime/lavender/patchouli and lavender comfrey

Flowers 'n' Spice Soap Rope: Ylang ylang/patchouli/lavender/cinnamon, Fir needle/eucalyptus/lavender/cinnamon and peppermint, Lemongrass, Lavender/bergamot, Mint tea tree.

Handmade on Saltspring Island, BC